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Foot massage

Reflexology is an energy massage based on the realization that every part of the body responds to a specific point on the feet and that by pressing on these reflex points, the whole body can relax and balance.

Feet and a sense of security
Our feet express our attitude to reality, the state of our root chakra, our foundations – our first experiences with different types of “supports” – from the uterus and mother’s lap to the “mother earth” itself. As bipedal beings, we touch the earth’s energy with our feet, and like a tree with roots, we exchange energy with the earth. Good contact with the ground is essential for the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. We can “stand firm” or “we are rocked by every breeze”. Such phrases express our instinctive understanding of the connection between our feet and our sense of certainty, trust, and contact with reality — the land we walk on.

Where does reflexology come from?
The exact origin of reflexology is not known, but it is possible that it dates back to the same period as acupuncture – about 4000 BC, because both are based on the same principles of circulating life energy Qi through the human body.

Energy Qi
Qi energy is constantly flowing through channels or meridians in the body that end at reflex points on the feet and palms. When the flow of energy is unhindered we are healthy; when it is hindered by tension or stagnation we get sick. By treating the reflex points on the feet, we establish a balanced flow of Qi energy throughout the body. Reflexology foot massage is used for therapeutic purposes or preventively as a relaxation in order to balance our life energy Qi. The result is health and harmony of body and mind.

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