Oaza Miru


Permanent make up or micropigmentation is the process of introducing pigment under the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) with the help of a suitable device and for this process
adapted thin needles.

The main purpose of the procedure is the elimination of irregularities, emphasis and correction of asymmetry. Above all, the desired effect is primarily decorative, as it improves the harmony of facial features. Your face will look younger and happier.

Why choose permanent make up?

– the desire for the perfect shape of shaded lips at any moment of the day, without the possibility of missing the shape or color when applying with ordinary make-up
– saving your valuable time in today’s active lifestyle
– you want to look neat at work, during your free time, on vacation and during sports activities

The entire micropigmentation process takes up to 120 minutes:

1. Consultation with the client
I will teach you about the micropigmentation process itself and answer all your questions. This is followed by a consultation on the client’s wishes and an assessment of the situation. In this phase of the process, a test drawing is made, where we decide together on the shape and the appropriate selection of the color shade.

2. Implementation of the procedure
During the procedure, the maximum professional standards in the field of hygiene are observed.

3. Control inspection or correction
The control examination is included in the price of the treatment itself and is performed between 3 and 6 weeks after the procedure.

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