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Microneedling Dermapen

Dermapen therapy with microneedles – MICRONEEDLING is a complete treatment for the skin of the face, which faces the challenges of today’s lifestyle, characterized by an accelerated pace of life, stress and external factors. Dermapen therapy with microneedles stimulates the skin to produce collagen and renew itself. At the same time, it also reduces the visibility of scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. After the therapy, your skin will be restored and look fresh and rejuvenated.

What is microneedling or microneedling therapy?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive rejuvenating procedure in which the surface of the skin is pierced with many fine needles. Microscopically small injuries stimulate the secretion of growth factors and the renewal of the basic building blocks of the skin, such as collagen and elastin.

What is the Dermapen device?

Dermapen is the most advanced device for microneedling, with which we perform microneedle therapy, which is intended to rejuvenate the skin in a natural way. It has an attachment with 16 needles, where we can precisely control the depth (from 0.5 mm to 2 mm). It reaches up to 1920 stitches per minute. The microneedles with which we pierce the skin enable the introduction of hyaluronic acid and active ingredients (vitamins, peptides, growth factors) into the middle layers of the skin. With this, they encourage it to renew and stimulate collagen and at the same time soften the appearance of fine wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. The result is tight and rejuvenated skin.

Dermapen vs other microneedling devices?

The Dermapen device contains numerous disposable microneedles with a unique spring that vibrates with automated movements to create a more controlled result. Unlike other products with microneedles, the Dermapen device has a special vertical injection angle, thanks to which we achieve a greater therapeutic effect. At the same time, the therapy is therefore safer and reduces the possibility of skin damage. The vertical angle of the microneedle injection also allows for safer and better treatment of hard-to-reach places, such as around the eyes, nose and lips.

Who is a suitable candidate for microneedling?

     Reduction or improving the appearance of fine lines on the face.
     Facial skin rejuvenation in general.
     Facial skin tightening.
     Improving the appearance or reduction of various scars (after acne, surgery, burns…).
     Smoothing and thereby improving the appearance of stretch marks.

What are the effects of treating the skin with microneedling therapy?

     It restores the skin and thus rejuvenates it.
     Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
     Soothes acne.
     Remove or reduces hyperpigmentation.
     Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
     Corrects the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars and other scars on the body.

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