Oaza Miru

Thai massage with warm herbs and oils

The massage with herbal bundles combines a several centuries old Asian method of treatment and beauty-care with contemporary knowledge in the field of herbs, aromatherapy and body care.

The massage is distinguished by a pleasant exchange of different procedures: from pouring warm aromatic oils and massage movements on energy points to a massage with bundles. Bundles are handmade from linen and filled with selected herbs with regard to the objective that we are trying to achieve: detoxification, invigoration, and relaxation. The speciality are Vino Bonum bundles filled with marc and oil additive from grape seeds which we use for a rejuvenating effect.

A special addition to the massage with bundles is the pilling effect. The skin is soft, smooth and of an extremely beautiful appearance. Wrapped in cotton and to a pleasant temperature heated herbs have a beneficial effect on the skin, and with its scent they create a pleasant relaxation for the entire body. Together with the practice of a traditional Thai massage, the positive impact appears particularly in rheumatoid diseases, muscle and joint pain, excessive fatigue and in reactions of the body to seasonal changes. The soothing effect of warm herbs takes us into an unforgettable state of relaxation.

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