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Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women is a gentle and natural method to relax the pregnant woman and alleviate pregnancy problems without side effects.


Expectant mothers massage:
– relaxes,
– strengthens their health,
– relieves or removes low back and back pain
– improves and stimulates their blood circulation,
– alleviates or prevents swelling of the legs,
– removes headaches
– prevents the formation of stretch marks,
– reduces breast tenderness and pain,
– and improves the posture of the pregnant woman.

It is also important that the connection between the mother and the child is strengthened through the massage and thus prepares them for an easier birth, because with a regular massage the pregnant woman relaxes better.
It is recommended for all pregnant women over three months of pregnancy until delivery, it is not performed in case of high-risk pregnancy or any other serious health problems.

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