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Lomi-lomi massage

Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi is a novelty in our offer, so we want to share it with you.

We recommend it to all those who like medium and strong massages, especially athletes, and all those who have pain in the shoulder area, where there are the most knots, try it, I will not regret it.

Hawaiian Lomi massage – Lomi is part of a traditional tradition that is passed down from generation to generation through shamon healers. Hawaiians believe that massage heals on a physical, mental and spiritual level so their approach to the patient is very important.

Lomi Lomi massage in Hawaiian means “loving hands”. Hawaiians still cherish it today as a philosophy of life and use it as a medicine / for healing. The revelation of the secrets of this remarkable technique took place in the 1960s. With us, the Lomi-Lomi ritual is a unique experience. It is performed to the rhythm of Hawaiian music with long massage movements. It has an extremely relaxing effect, quickly relieves tension, restores well-being and strengthens physical / vitality.

Forearms, elbows and palms are used for the massage, as well as tilting the whole body. First, the back is massaged, which in Hawaii is the seat of the future. The hands and palms move in the shape of a snake all over the body and knead tense places. The masseur then focuses on the front of the body, representing the past. This is followed by a massage of the legs, hips, abdomen and other sensitive areas.

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