Oaza Miru

King Oaza Miru

Royal massage is not special just because of an extremely long procedure (you shall namely enjoy for whole 2 hours), but also because its effect goes on and on. The experience is so much more than just a massage. Surrender yourself into the hands of experienced Filipino therapists which shall take you into an unforgettable world of experience.

The King Oaza miru massage lasts 120 minutes, and includes traditional Thai massage in combination with shiatsu which means that the first hour you are being massaged without oil dressed in our comfortable sports clothes, and the second hour includes Thai massage with aromatic oils in combination with the Tui Na massage.

It reduces stress, it is very calming, relieves pain, restores energy, stimulates blood circulation, improves the immune system, increases oxygen supply and promotes regeneration, increases joint mobility and stimulates the lymphatic system. We recommend it to all who seek special experience of pleasure and complete harmony of the body and soul.

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