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Hilot, a Philippine therapeutic massage

The Philippine Hilot massage therapy is an ancient art of treatment using bare hands and herbs. It is a part of a traditional, ancient culture of Filipinos. Filipinos in ancient times regarded Hilot as a miracle art of therapy. Because of the deeper understanding of the ability of that kind of care, people still believe in this miracle method. It is a kind of therapeutic or physical manipulation that has a good influence on the veins, bones and muscles, but in a different way than an ordinary massage, because here we also use medicinal plants, such as various herbs and banana leaves. 

Banana leaves are a natural ioniser that works on bio-energy with its application to the skin to a certain part of the body and determines which part of the body needs necessary attention and recovers balance and harmony to the body. Banana leaves also have an antiseptic effect.

How is Hilot performed?
It is a highly cognitive massage, since the therapist identifies areas of energy imbalance in a client’s body through touch diagnosis through the use of warm banana leaves and virgin coconut oil, which is applied to the body before and after the treatment. Hilot therapist first makes a review of the back with warm banana leaves. Diagnosis of touch by using these leaves specify which body parts have an unbalanced energy. Then, the therapist determines disrupted flow of energy in the body and devotes to the problem until he/she creates the balance and harmony and a sense of relief.

Ingredients and techniques of Hilot therapy:

  • Virgin coconut oil 
  • Warm banana leaves
  • Masseur applies pressure by 90% and 10% thumbs gentle massage strokes 
  • Manually creating heat and reducing tension in conclusions, 
  • Patting and gently pinching for reducing pain and impairing muscle development

Special advantages of Hilot therapy: 

  • Softens hardened formations in areas of cartilage, tendons and muscles, 
  • Allows good blood circulation in all muscle cells, which tightens and improves the appearance of skin 
  • Reduces muscle pain 
  • Eliminates physical tension and pain 
  • Evokes a feeling of comfort, 
  • Relieves stress.

Advice after Hilot massage

After the treatment it is advised to drink a lot of fluid like lemon grass tea, ginger tea, green tea or hot water. Since after the massage your body is exposed to heat, it is not good immediately to be exposed to the cold, because our pores are getting closed in it. Give yourself time to adjust the body.

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