Oaza Miru

Classic body massage

The main useful value of massage is the care of well-being, relaxation, elimination of muscle tension, regardless of the causes of its occurrence. It is very popular with athletes, because massage prepares the body for effort before the activity, and after it it has a beneficial effect on relaxation and regaining strength, which is why people often call it sports massage.

Why do we recommend a classic massage?

– Massage improves the functioning of blood and lymph circulation, has a positive effect on the general psychophysical condition
– Massage is a great tool for losing weight and eliminating cellulite
– Classic massage relieves stress and muscle tension
– restores muscle strength (joints become more flexible)
– Massage improves the exchange of nutrients and oxygen in the cells
– classic massage reduces headaches, dizziness, back pain, low back pain, joint pain, relaxes and soothes

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