Oaza Miru



It works by using a high-pressure pump to blow air under a precisely defined pressure into the cuffs, thereby stimulating the outflow of lymph to the main lymph nodes.

Lymphatic drainage accelerates the cleansing of cells from toxic substances. This enables and improves the functioning of all cells in the human body and increases the metabolic rate, which accelerates the weight loss process. Lymphatic drainage accelerates the flow of lymph (the normal rate of lymph flow does not exceed a speed of 0.4 cm per second). Lymphatic drainage increases lymph flow by more than 8 times. This helps the organs and tissues to get rid of toxins and final waste products. As a result of lymphatic drainage in the human body, all tissues and organs obtain food and oxygen in large quantities.

Lymphatic drainage removes excess intercellular fluid. Excess intercellular fluid is one of the main causes of cellulite. Tissues are cleaned much better with lymphatic drainage, swelling disappears and inflammatory processes disappear. The structure of the subcutaneous and muscle tissue is also restored and healed.

– Pregnancy
– Cancerous diseases
– Tendency to thrombosis

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