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MICRONEEDLING is surely one of the best therapies to increase collagen formation and rejuvenate the skin in a natural way. With properly performed microneedling, proper home care and the optimal combination of treatments, it enables wonderful results.

It allows us to transform the skin and is in no way harmful. On the contrary, it is healthy for the skin, as it triggers the secretion of growth factors.

Of course, it is not suitable for just about every skin. Beauty treatment is not suitable if you have redness, rosacea or any inflammation. In this case, it is necessary to first take care of skin health and proper care.

What is collagen and why are we trying to increase it with therapies?

Collagen makes up an incredible 70% of the thickness of our skin. Collagen breakdown is a completely natural part of the aging process that we all experience. However, collagen can also be broken down due to the effects of UV radiation or inflammatory processes. To maintain healthy and youthful skin, it is so very important to use high UV protection every day of the year, not just in summer or when we are in the sun. Even when our skin gets thinner over the years, it’s actually nothing more than breaking down collagen fibers.

Interestingly, collagen is the strongest and most abundant structural protein in the body. It represents not only 70% of the thickness of your skin, but also an incredible 30% of all body proteins and is extremely important for maintaining healthy joints, internal organs, blood vessels and muscles. Collagen is very important for the youthful appearance and health of your skin. Therefore, therapies to increase collagen building are also in constant research and improvement.

Microneedling is a natural, non-surgical, non-invasive method for regenerating and regenerating your skin. It leads us to fascinating results: to healthy, radiant, fresh, toned and visibly rejuvenated skin. And it is completely natural. Needle therapy allows us to improve the structure of the skin and eliminate its irregularities.

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