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Microblading method of drawing eyebrows is a method that offers you the possibility of modeling and creating perfect eyebrows. The method is recommended both for aesthetic purposes (thinner eyebrows due to long-term plucking, desire for thicker eyebrows, dissatisfaction with the shape, scar on the eyebrow area) as well as in medical situations (alopecia, chemotherapy).


– does not look like a “tattoo” (felt pen effect),
– pigments do not change their basic color
– the possibility of modeling each hair (curving) compared to working with a typewriter/machine,
– the result is a completely natural look, without mistakes and the felt-tip pen effect, the procedure itself is safe and fast (1 hour to 1 hour and a half)
– the pigments used are combined with the original color of the eyebrows,
– each drawn hair perfects the natural look of emerging eyebrows


Because we draw each hair on the missing part of your eyebrows individually and thus achieve a 100% natural look.
– Because the eyebrows are created according to the physiognomy of your face.
– Because you are tired of drawing your eyebrows in the morning.
– Because we would like to look natural and well-groomed even at sea, during sports or would like to wake up tidy.
– Because the final result adapts to your hair color, skin tone and the structure of your existing eyebrows.
– Because your face will look happier and more youthful.
Because you will be more confident.


– Pigments that are introduced into the skin remain on it for up to two years; depending on the client’s skin type and eyebrow care after the procedure.
– Since there are several types of skin, each skin reacts differently to the introduction of pigment, which depends on several factors (exposure to the sun, skin type…).
– We recommend correction after 1 year.
– Within 1 month after the procedure, a correction follows (if necessary). The hairs that may have faded a little are growing back on the correction. Correction up to 5 weeks is included in the price.

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