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Iri – pen lip augmentation

IRI HYALURON PEN - filling lips and nasal wrinkles

The Iri Hyaluron Pen is designed to disperse the highest quality hyaluronic acid in very small quantities at 800 km / h straight into the area between the epidermis and dermis (0.17 mm), giving you perfect precision in lip shaping and wrinkle removal and natural appearance. The figure below shows the difference between hyaluronic acid injection with a needle and a needleless applicator Iri.

Benefits of Iri Hyaluron Foam:
– Needle-free technology, ideal for people with fear of needles
– A little pain
– Adjusting the quantity
– High customer satisfaction
– High efficiency
– SAFETY – The product is made of the best stainless steel. Precise workmanship, quality materials and long service life are outstanding features of our product for safe use. Each Iri medical Pen has a unique serial number.

We can improve:
– Facial gestures
– Lip volume
– Filling of the nasolabial fold
– Filling in smokers and all age wrinkles around the lips
– Mimic losses
– Skin appearance – refreshment, tone
The treatment can be performed on the labial area (around the lips, lips) and the nasal area (chin, chin,
lower part of cheeks).

Hyaluronic acid is a compound of sugar and is naturally present in our skin. It is responsible for retaining moisture and maintaining elasticity. After the age of 25, the body’s production of hyaluronic acid decreases, which reduces the skin’s ability to bind moisture. The skin loses elasticity and wrinkles appear.
Hyaluronic acid by infiltrating under the folds raises the level of the skin and adapts it to the surrounding tissue. Because it is a natural material, it breaks down completely in the skin. When infiltrating with Iri Medical Pen, we use the CLEANEST HIGH NETLE HYALURONIC ACID IN THE WORLD – IRI FILLER S 600.

It is made especially for Iri Hyaluron Pen:
– Safety and quality of raw materials used in production.
– High purity of hyaluronic acid for long-lasting effect and prevention of sweating.
– High viscoelasticity for sophisticated tissue lift.
– Homogeneous composition for exceptional design.
– Production without detection of residual chemical catalysts throughout the sieving process.
– Sterile production conditions to prevent side effects.
– The amount of endotoxin is less than 0.1 EU / mg.
– Minimal sensation of pain due to the same osmotic pressure and the same pH as in the human body. (Depending on the sensitivity of each user.
Slight redness, swelling, hematomas and bruises may appear after the procedure, which disappear within 5-7 days, perhaps earlier. For mild swelling, we recommend lubricating with arnica ointment, and for hematomas, the use of Heparin is recommended.

– Predisposition to excessive scarring.
– Diseases of the immune system.
– Herpes, psoriasis, predisposition to herpes.
– Treatment with corticosteroids.
– Pregnancy, breastfeeding.
– Egg allergy.
– Use of anticoagulants (Marcumar).
– Autoimmune disease in the immediate family.
– Heart disease.
– Diabetes.
– Implant at the site to be treated.

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